13 November - 6 December 2019


Situated within Cardiff’s historic arcades, the exhibition programme will investigate this space in relation to the growing city centre and how the city is changing. 

Using cultural theorist Walter Benjamin’s book The Arcades Project as its inspiration, the exhibitions will relate to this text and the issues it explores. The Arcades Project is the culmination of Walter Benjamin’s notebooks, an unfinished text that is divided into a series of convolutes labelled A – r. Each convolute deals with a different topic, from Baudelaire, the Flaneur, ancient Paris, boredom, conspiracies, photography, the stock exchange to the commune and many more. The book is a wieldy tome that foresaw the evolution of the multi complex shopping centre and the mall. In this programme the work will look at the history and relation of the arcades to its larger neighbour St Davids 2 and how they can co-exist within the city centre.

The text offers multiple insight upon which to create work and I will select artists from an open call to deal with it and interpret the maze of Benjamin’s text and how it relates to the contemporary city. The programme will include an exhibition, talks and performance programme.

The programme is run and curated by Rory Duckhouse.








The project has been funded through kickstarter with the support of the following people and businesses

National Business Sales, Greazy Vegan and Greens Vegan

Maureen Manison, Hannah Davey, Pip Tudor, Joel Williams, Faye Edwards Emily Price, laura Welman, Gerda Tallon, Nicola Rees, Alison Joan Stockwell, James Cocks, Ashley Brown, Ryan L. Moule, Amy Treharne, Sera Walker, Ruth Cayford Natalie Ramus, Rebecca Thomas, Amy Edwards, Mathew Nash, Mike Bennison, Lydia Meehan, Clare Charles, Jason Pinder, Dai Howell, Susan Akins, Jess Matthews, Michael Buckley, Dawn Woolley, Jennifer Taylor, Robert Kennedy, Carwyn Evans, Adil J Hussain, Jack Constant, Ceri Edwards, Janet Adams, Colin Palmer, David Miller, Liam Duckhouse, Andre Stitt, Michal Iwanowski and Stephanie Larcombe